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The final part.


To answer this question one must undestand the function of the ears.This is closely related to the function of the eyes.Similar.They receive information about the world around us and deliver it to be processed by the mind.This enables us to "see"in a third sense.It is this inner ear that music addresses and the pathways to it.Music can be likenenned to a medicine for people who cannot see clearly.Who are blocked off from their inner ear,their inner selves.Differrant compositions can open differant blocked pathways.So their are many differant types of music which tackle differrant doors of the mind.So it works on the complicated system of pathways that interelate between the ears and the mind.The human voice is very powerful in this and it must be remembered that the voice is the Primary musical instrument.
The human ears respond to resonant frequecies naturally and in the right combination they can access hidden areas of the mind where they have differant meanings.
Music is also a language in its own right.A universal language, speaking universal principals of the mind.
I am sure it is other things too.What is music to you?


The guitar srings are from highest(1st) string to lowest, E,B.G,D,A,E.
I strongly rfecomend you get into the habit of tuning your guitar strings by ear,rather than an electric tuner.It will train you ear, and it is so much quicker and easier for you later on.
Each string can be tuned into the one below it at the 5th fret.The exception being the 2nd string which is tuned into the 3rd string at the 4th fretTherefore you only have to get one string in tune to find the rest.An old fashioned tuning fork is a good one.


My advice is to get hold of a cheap acoustic or classical.Not to spend to much.This applies to any other instrument for learning and beginning.Most times peolple loose interest quickly.If you find that this is for you, later on get abetter one to keep up with the learning.

Guitars,Trumpets &Pianos.

The science of music is the same for all instruments.Once you have worked out how the insrument lays out its notes you can transfer from one instrument to another.Most guitar players play a bit of piano as well.Its easy.


A mixture of drugs and electric amplified music should be avoided at all costs.This includes listening through a stereo system with drugs.It cause severe damage to the natural musical ear, if not the mind,altogether.If one wishes to play electric guitar,keyboards etc,fine, but without the effects of drugs. This abuse will destort your perceptions and cause permenant damage to the ear.
Whilst learning one should use acoustic instruments and retain them throughout your musical carreer as your first stop. Amplified electrical equipment is basically for work purposes for delivery to large audiences for high energy, dances etc.One should not overdo it, or palce a higher importance of your electric instruments over your acoustic instruments.


In the 1600,s J.S.Bach invented a witten notation for the logical science of music, so that people could actually write down musical sounds.Before this time all music was remembered or learnt by ear. So we must remember that for most of the history of music it was simply  learnt by ear, and this is still how it is in many countries today.It is relatively recent that peole have started to write down music. and yet it has always survived and thrived withou doing so.The ears have a differant method of seeing than do the eyes and it is not right to for the ears to try and see like the eyes do. Therefore the best way of becoming a muscian is to learn and play it by ear.Understanding comes in thi way only.So in may respects there has been a very negative affect from J.S. Bachs genius. 


This is the frequency at which the string vibrates and is reponsible for delivering the note.Middle C is the 2nd string of the guitar at the 2nd fret and it resonates at about 256 cycles a second.At he next octave higher, C vibrates at about 512 cycles a second,( twice as fast).


F sharp is half a tone above F.It can also be called G Flat, which is the same note, half atone below G


When you have played the 7 notes of a scale and continue,the notes repeat themselves but at a higher freqency.The logic of the music remains the same. This is called a higher octave.The total "Range " of the guitar is over 3 octaves, which can be seen as a repetition of the same notes 3 times over.Therefore one can learn all the science of music from just one third of the notes of the guitar, and then apply it to any other octave you wish.