Music By Ear (hamishmusic) wrote,
Music By Ear


Understand a string of notes that please the ear.Understand the major and minor scales to put this into context of the science of music.Also note that their is a different scale for every note including their sharps and flats,so about 21 major sales and about 21 minor scales,(Some will be the same).All this by Ear.
Having got this lesson you have absorbed the fundemental roots of music and can just carry it all the way by ear ,without referance to  books.Understand your instrument and extend what you know accross its whole range.At a much later stage you can come back to the books if you wish for some additional clarification and insight. You may want to look at chromatic scales and harmony, for instance.I would recomend then a copy of Stewart MacPhersons "Rudiments of Music". A nice little handbook which can be obtained in any good muisc shop.Dont be blinded by its waffle though!
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