Music By Ear (hamishmusic) wrote,
Music By Ear


To answer this question one must undestand the function of the ears.This is closely related to the function of the eyes.Similar.They receive information about the world around us and deliver it to be processed by the mind.This enables us to "see"in a third sense.It is this inner ear that music addresses and the pathways to it.Music can be likenenned to a medicine for people who cannot see clearly.Who are blocked off from their inner ear,their inner selves.Differrant compositions can open differant blocked pathways.So their are many differant types of music which tackle differrant doors of the mind.So it works on the complicated system of pathways that interelate between the ears and the mind.The human voice is very powerful in this and it must be remembered that the voice is the Primary musical instrument.
The human ears respond to resonant frequecies naturally and in the right combination they can access hidden areas of the mind where they have differant meanings.
Music is also a language in its own right.A universal language, speaking universal principals of the mind.
I am sure it is other things too.What is music to you?

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