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I was shown by my Dad, who to contruct music by using the specific doors in the highway to the inner ear. depending on the requirement of the individual for whome the music was intended .Basically mind medical, or help to over come some of the doors that get slamned shut and seperate you from yourself. He taught me in multicoloured pictures, minums and crotchets jumping about all over the place in between the living moving multicoloured staves of their resting place.real living manuscript out of Alice Through the Looking Glass reaity,, he said, passed down from his generations in Scotland.Yes, this science may save you some day,he said.
A real living music.A lifeform of its very own.
At the end of the day, yes, see yourself, your own door to who you are, and who went before you.

A science,yes.We all know that. full notes and a 3 or 4 half notes dotted randomly betwixt these 7 spaces/notes.
The pricise location of these half notes dictates the whole science.
Those of you at school who were shown permutation and combinations by the maths teacher, will approximately uderstand just who many differrent combinations can be put together from this 7 note and 3 or 4 half note excise. Very many.
It doesnt matter what labels you put on these notes, whether it be A,B,C,D,E,F,G or X,Y,Z,Q,P,R,T.
It has a profound effect on the ear a small change.This is called building scales, which are lumped into groups that are more similar, such as The major scales for instance, or perhaps The Minor scales.There are loads of differrant scales to choose from.

If 7 notes are looked at, and in this world we are entering into, looking means hearing ,, (slight differrence to other classrooms at school), it is an exception.Herein is where the mistake lies in music teaching.
i.e. learn this one by Ear.
Get a instrument, Guitar,piano ,Violin, anything, in tune , and sort out 7 notes that fit to the ear. i.e work out a scale
\Now this is not easy for the beginner, so what we do, is we pick 3 or four notes that sound right to the ear.
Whether you go and have a puff in your room or whatever,choose a moment when you just fell like it,
Do not force it, If it happens so ,so to speak.

The 3 or 4 notes in succession you will be looking for, may be either half intervals or whole intervals.We just dont know, as so many combinations are possible.It does not matter if you identify the name of the particular first not you pick on , open E string of the guitar,(first,highest string), for instance or not.If this is the case the labels for the next 2 or 3 notes may approximately be F and G, or one of the sharps or flats that signofy the half note.( Yes F sharp is the half note between F an G}.

We have made a major breakthrough if we get this far, because this is known as the Root of a Scale.The Fundemental building block technique of Music.

So take your time and do it by ear. Train your ear, get it working for you, when your calm, alright, perhaps a bit of weed, if you must.
But get that one, because once you got your ear to be able to recognise 3 or 4 notes that resonate correctly, your Ear Biology will understand. It is Key this. Your nature-build will understand. The next move is to go on further and pick out the next 3 or 4 notes, because your ear will very easily recognize the next series of notes because you have capture 4 very strong clues to how they are going to need to fit with the first 3 or 4 notes.
Here we have now a scale you can play to your hearts content in any combination/permutation that takes the fancy of you thoughts.Better than struggling through Bert Weedons A Tune a Day Exercise Book and a darn site quickewr and more fun.
Go it alone from there.It may well take a long time for the penny to drop on this sort of stuff, you may take a look and come back in a year or two,s time, Thats OK.Nothing wasted here,because it is the automatic subconcious way of unknowingly processing this sort of information.Sleep on it, as they say.
Do something else.

After this is looked at, I will suggest a bit more towards teaching the reast of the stuff.
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