Music By Ear (hamishmusic) wrote,
Music By Ear


In the 1600,s J.S.Bach invented a witten notation for the logical science of music, so that people could actually write down musical sounds.Before this time all music was remembered or learnt by ear. So we must remember that for most of the history of music it was simply  learnt by ear, and this is still how it is in many countries today.It is relatively recent that peole have started to write down music. and yet it has always survived and thrived withou doing so.The ears have a differant method of seeing than do the eyes and it is not right to for the ears to try and see like the eyes do. Therefore the best way of becoming a muscian is to learn and play it by ear.Understanding comes in thi way only.So in may respects there has been a very negative affect from J.S. Bachs genius. 

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