Music By Ear (hamishmusic) wrote,
Music By Ear

1939 Copy of The Rudiments of Music Alongside 2 more Recent Editions

See This link To download/read a copy Of This Book:
I came across this old copy of the classic teaching text from Stewart MacPherson.on Amazon
I thought it would be interesting to post it.(£5).
As far as I know this publication is not available in digital format.It was origninally published?printed in 1939 and this original blue copy is a rare survivor of this 1939 edition.
Stewart Macpherson was 37 when he worte this small book,(in 1903),so there may have been an earlier edition in print before the 1939 editions, I am not sure.He was also the Dean of Music at London University in his later years.He wrote many books on music.Google it or Wikipedia it.Istill recommend learning by ear, all the same.
Stewart MacPherson 1865-1941.
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